Because my writing efforts on this here blog have been anything but regular, I’ve decided to take a stab at NaBloPoMo or National Blog Posting Month. The purpose being to get in the habit of writing regularly – or more precisely blogging regularly. I write fairly regularly in my journal, but I don’t see much of that material making it on to RDY.

I just attended the 2011 Creative Oklahoma State of Creativity Forum. There were some great speakers, organizations and breakout sessions. It definitely got me thinking about how I can be more creative both personally and professionally – it also gave me a little inspiration for today’s post.

A friend of mine is an elementary school PE teacher, and she’s been doing a little bit of yoga with her classes each day (check out the pics below!). The kids love it, and she’s noticed that they’ve gotten more flexible and her classes are quieter and better behaved. AWESOME!!! She’d really like to provide yoga mats to her students, so this is where we can all get involved in a creative endeavor happening in our community.

That old, abandoned mat you’ve been trying to find a use for? Why not donate it to her PE class? Bring your clean, gently used mat to any of the classes I teach at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio, and in return pay only $4 for that class. We’re hoping to get 25 mats by the end of the month, so round ’em up, clean ’em off and bring ’em to class!