There’s a nice little workshop going on this weekend at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio. The Clean Dust Zen Group that meets on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings at the studio has brought in a teacher, Tim Colohan,  JDPSN, from the Golden Wind Zen Center in Los Angeles.

I’m new to this tradition and unfamiliar with its teachings, so I attended the talk this evening to get a little more information about the philosophy, meditation practice and workshop details.

What appeals to me about philosophies such as yoga and buddhism is that they put the reigns in the practitioner’s hands. They teach that we have all that we need right now, we’re all we need to be as we are, we simply have to venture inside to see that truth.

The teachings are simple, but the practice – at least in my experience – is not.

I enjoyed the talk this evening. Tim was warm, funny and approachable, and everything he said was encouraging and authentic.

Tim is giving another dharma talk tomorrow morning at 10am. It’s free and open to the public.