Goodness me! I am simultaneously feeling dread and determination with regard to blogging every day for 30 days.

I have written more on this blog in the last nine days than in the entire nearly two years of its existence. That bolsters my confidence – I can do this. On the other hand, some of my posts are pretty lame. *sigh*

I enjoy writing. I really do, but there are a few obstacles I come up against regularly when I sit down to write. Content, Confidence and Commitment. I’m going to discuss them one at a time, but they’re also interrelated.


I’m an expert on very little. Actually, I’m not sure I’m an expert on anything. I have a degree that says I’m a master (they gave me a t-shirt too, so it’s official), but I wrote my thesis on True Blood. While perhaps of interest to a select few, that’s not a topic that’s going to change the world. Not to mention that I’m pretty much sick of it!

I practice yoga. I teach yoga. I study and contemplate yoga, but my knowledge is more experiential than scholarly. I enjoy the examination of yoga and life/life and yoga, but as my last post illustrated rather nicely that can make for a lot of inconclusive rambling. Basically, I have moments of insight or understanding, but I’m not always sure how to flesh them out into a post.

Finally, sometimes I don’t want to write about yoga or spirituality or goodness or working toward a higher plane of existence. Sometimes I want to be snarky and irreverent and silly, but I worry it will be off-putting. Which brings me to…


Technically speaking, I’m not a bad writer. Sure, I make the occasional grammar/spelling/syntax error, but who doesn’t? What’s more important to me is writing something of interest and utility to myself and others. I want to say something of consequence; I want to say it well and maybe with a little humor; and by golly, I want people to like what I say (Ahem, WANTING MIND!!!).

I know, I know, I know. I can’t make everyone like me; I shouldn’t even try. I should just be myself and own it. Booyah!


I tend to be an all or nothing person. If I like it, I’m all in. If I don’t like it, I’m all out. I think that’s pretty common, actually. We gravitate toward what we like and avoid what we don’t.

Even when I enjoy or have a little natural talent for something,  meeting with difficulty can deter me. If I can’t do something exactly the way I want, if I don’t have to time to pull it together, if it’s going to turn out mediocre then I’ll want to scrap the whole project.

This is especially true for my writing, and it’s where these three obstacles meet. If the content is absent or boring and/or I don’t feel good about what I’ve written, then I throw up my hands and do something that comes easier to me.

Before I started this post, I visited the NaBloPoMo site to see what the prompt for the day is. Instead, I clicked on this: What Bloggers Can Learn from Marathoners.  The suggestions are basically: pace yourself, take it easy sometimes, don’t think about what’s ahead and create a supportive community.

Um, hello. Those are good suggestions for any endeavor! It’s also ironic that I hear myself saying similar things in my yoga classes.

Anyway, after I read that, I felt better. I remembered why I had committed to this insanity in the first place, because I want to be a better, more consistent writer!

So, this is my writing practice and, just like my yoga practice, some days it’s gonna be good and some days it’s gonna be lousy. Regardless, I’m gonna roll out the mat, so to speak, and get ‘er done.

I think that merits another booyah.