Day light savings time takes a toll on me. It doesn’t seem like a one hour difference in either direction should have such a big impact, but it always leaves me feeling a little disoriented. Fall Back, setting the clock back an hour, is harder on me than Spring Forward, setting the clock forward 60 minutes.

The shorter days, cooler temperatures and lack of greenery, makes me want to hibernate. Whereas the arrival of spring – the warmth, the light, the budding plants – invigorates me. Maybe I’m part bear.

Since we changed the clocks last week, I’ve enjoyed the earlier sun rise. It’s nice to arrive at the yoga studio as dawn is just breaking and watch the sun rise over the course of my practice. I enjoy walking my dog in the early morning, listening to the birds chirp, admiring the pastel painted sky and witnessing the neighborhood slowly stir to life.

Of course with the change of seasons and time, the sun is setting earlier. It’s dark before 6pm. Evenings for me are all about winding down. The earlier evening arrives, the earlier I start settling into cozy mode, which means I’m practically worthless once I finally land at home at the end of the day.

I guess there’s a part of me that thinks society should reflect the seasonal change – and not by changing the clocks! Why can’t society slow down a little, huh? As we near the Winter Solstice, the days grow shorter. Even the sun rise will be a little later each day until we reach the shortest day of the year on December 22. Why  not do less a little slower and reflect what’s happening in the natural world around us? Everyone could benefit from living a little more in tune with Mother Nature.

(While we’re on the topic of becoming a little more laid back, I’d also be in favor of implementing the siesta that so many latin countries enjoy.)

Yea, I know it’s not going to happen, especially with the holiday season upon us. Maybe I’m just trying to justify the lack of motivation I’m experiencing and the corresponding pile of laundry I haven’t gotten around to doing!