My mom has numerous bird feeders of every sort imaginable in her backyard. I think she’s single handedly keeping Wild Birds Unlimited in business.

Squirrels are her nemeses; she calls them tree rats. They’re always finding ways to outsmart all the anti-squirrel contraptions designed to protect her feeders from them. They’ve even broken into her seed storage containers, tearing them all to hell to get to the goods inside. Finally accepting defeat, she started feeding the squirrels in addition to the birds. Ha! Squirrels-1, Mom-0.

I only have a couple of bird feeders in my yard, and I do catch the squirrels dangling like acrobats from them pillaging the seed. I don’t really mind, but then again I don’t have half my life’s saving invested in bird seed (wink-wink, Mom!).

This weekend, I spied this guy on my front porch destroying my pumpkin! He was so bold. He momentarily glanced at Dixie and me as we watched him through the window before he went back to ravaging my pumpkin.

Tortoise-pumpkin-squirrel totem pole

The pumpkin didn't stand a chance.

Happy Thanksgiving little tree rat!

I actually think this squirrel was being kind of considerate – he waited until the pumpkin was almost irrelevant decor before eating it, and you could say it went to good use. That was an easy, energy packed meal. It’s now sitting under a tree in my yard for any critters that are interested.