Dixie loves water. She loves swimming, playing in the rain and getting sprayed with the hose.  She never fails to make good use of a puddle, at the very least walking through it and, if she can, flat out lying down in it.

Sitting in the lake

This morning we met our friends Jamie and Roscoe at the Dog Park for a doggie date.

Roscoe and Dixie doggie date

They had a good time chasing one another and playing fetch. True to character, Dixie found a nice mud hole and took a little break in it.

While I’d prefer that she not make a splash in every puddle, I’m glad Dixie likes water. It makes bathing her fairly easy. In the summer I just use the garden hose to bathe her, but it’s more complicated when the weather turns cooler. She’s too big for the tub, so today I decided to try the self-service dog wash.

I was impressed with the set up. There’s a ramp for big dogs to walk up into the tub, the hand held shower attachment so you can get your dog’s under-carriage, a variety of shampoos that are dispensed through the nozzle and a blow dryer.

Dixie was not impressed, and she showed it by refusing to go up the ramp. No amount of treats was going to persuade her, so I settled for washing her on the floor, which meant I was nearly as soaked as she was.


She did a lot more whining than she does during a backyard bath, but it was a new and far different experience. In her opinion, the worst part was the blow drying. She hated the sound of the dryer and the stream of air blowing her hair every which way.

A clean, pleasant smelling (by my standards, not hers), fluffy puppy!