Mana eva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoho.

As the mind, so the man; bondage or liberation are in your own mind. 

This saying is about perspective. It can be quite revealing to apply these two lenses to any aspect of one’s life. Every situation tends to lend itself more easily to one than the other, but certainly with a little determination the opposite can be found.

There are deeper applications, but I’ve been reflecting on this saying with regard to NaBloPoMo. What started out as a painful obligation (albeit one I chose) is something I’ve come to see as liberating.

During this 30 days of writing (that will be over in 3 days!), I’ve often regarded the task as bondage. Sometimes I wasn’t in the mood, was short on time or just didn’t have anything interesting to say. It felt like a giant burden pulling out my computer to post something, anything every. single. day. Especially when I hadn’t been blogging with any regularity beforehand.

Over the last three-plus weeks, it’s gotten easier to write daily for mainly two reasons: repetition and detachment. Posting everyday has become part of my daily routine, but more importantly I’ve stopped obsessing over it. I just accepted that there would be days when I had time and inspiration, and then there would be days that I posted a picture of my dog…or a dog with drawn-on eyebrows.

Ironically, some of the shortest, lamest, most poorly written posts took the longest. A lot of what I’ve written was neither planned nor interesting, but scattered among the refuse are a few posts that I feel good about. Posts that were revealing and sincere looks into my life. That’s where the liberation is, in the exposition. Regardless of profundity or lack there of, I got over a fear that kept me from writing regularly and with authenticity.

Of course, for the next three days I plan on posting pictures of my dog, cat or tortoise!