You know who I admire? Activists – people who believe in a cause and work for it. I may not agree with their chosen cause, but I admire them. Their perseverance, their insistence on getting in our faces, opening our eyes and asking us to help them make a difference. It takes cojones, man. Co-jo-nes.

Activists set aside their self-interest and the comfort of anonymity to change something for the better. Forget ease. Forget comfort. Forget the status quo. They get out there in the trenches, risking their safety and dignity to insist on righting wrongs. And, sheesh! There are a lot of wrongs in the world!

I’m not really much of an activist. I don’t poke my finger in anyone’s chest, assert my opinion, tirelessly give voice to injustice. I’m more of a polite, bubbly suggestion maker. “Hi there! Great combat boots! How would you feel about removing the left one from atop my foot?”

I do occasionally make the passionate plea (complete with a somewhat threatening title), but mostly I keep my opinions, beliefs, personal crusades to myself. However, I’m about to draw on the vigorous and compelling dedication of activists to ask for your help with a project of great importance to me. I’m calling it Project Upward Puppies!

Upward Puppy

I’m collecting yoga mats for a kids yoga class at one of our local elementary schools.  A good friend of mine is the PE teacher, and she does 15-20 minutes of yoga with each of her classes on a daily basis. She’s seen not only improvements in their flexibility but also in their behavior. They love doing yoga and would really enjoy doing their daily practice on yoga mats.

So far I’ve collected 12 yoga mats, and I need about 12 more. Do you have a spare yoga mat laying around your house? An old one that you don’t use any longer? Why not donate it to Project Upward Puppies? Bring your clean, gently used mat to any of the classes I teach at the Ashtanga Yoga Studio, and in return pay only $4 for that class. If you don’t have a spare mat, you can make an $8 donation to the purchase of a mat and receive the same class discount in return.

I’d also like to thank Ghislaine Rabin, a sister yogini and friend, and the NCED for donating eight mats to Project Upward Puppies!