Ha! It’s day 30 of NaBloPoMo. The LAST day of blogging every day for 30 days. Yippee!

The prompt today is “What did you learn from NaBloPoMo?”  Timely, as I’ve been thinking about this very thing. So, hows about a list to wrap this up.


Things I learned from NaBloPoMo:

1. Finding something to write about every single day is challenging. Or, more precisely, finding something meaningful to write about every single day is challenging.

2. Crafting a well-written, thoughtful post is time consuming.

3. In consideration of items 1 and 2, you would be smart to a) keep a list of ideas for potential blog posts, b) use an outline to flesh out blog posts and c) start early in the day (rather than at 8pm with no prior thought as to what the hell you’re going to write). This item also basically sums up what I learned from writing a thesis.

3. If you want to find out how well developed your idea is or where exactly you stand on a issue, try writing about it. I started a lot of posts only to find out that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did and/or I wasn’t as certain of my position as I previously thought.

4. I’m obsessed with my dog.

5. I’m obsessed with my cat.

6. I’m obsessed with my tortoise.

7. I might have a minor case of companion animal obsession disorder.

7. People are far more supportive or, on the other extreme, far less interested in what you have to say than you might think. That being said, I received some really nice, encouraging feedback from several people. It means the world to me. THANK YOU!

8. There are time zone settings on WordPress.  It took me 27 days to figure this out. I kept wondering why blogs I posted at 8pm were being attributed to the following day. Sheesh.

9. The easiest thing to be (and to write) is your authentic self.

10. My authentic self is sometimes serious, contemplative and philosophical, but she really enjoys being silly and somewhat irreverent. And, dang if she don’t like to get her dance on! *jazz hands*

11. I may need to change the title of this blog. I  love yoga. I love practicing yoga, teaching yoga, talking about yoga, etc. But, it’s not the only thing I enjoy or want to discuss. I don’t know how this blog will evolve going forward, but I’m open to many a possibility…and title suggestions.

12. I’ve learned more about myself. I’m in a period of growth. I think I’m going to be 6 feet tall.

13. Kidding. Obviously, that’s not what I meant by growth.

14. Oh yeah, I’m making a list.

15. Like anything you do consistently, it’s become easier to write and I think, overall, the quality of my writing/posts has improved. Even the days that were difficult proved to be of value, because the challenge of writing everyday made me appreciate the skill and creative energy that goes into it.

The bottom line is, I’ve enjoyed NaBloPoMo. It boosted my confidence in and desire to write.  I’m going to continue writing. I don’t know with what frequency I’ll write or what the posts will be about, but I’m going to keep on keeping on. Most of all, I’m comfortable with the idea of writing for my own pleasure, comfortable with the idea that what I write doesn’t have to pleasing to anyone else. I hope that it is. I want what I write to make someone smile, feel good or just nod their head in agreement, but I’ve realized it’s okay to do this for no other reason than I enjoy it.