Once again, Stacy Pattillo and I have embarked on an adventure. We’re back in India. (Stacy and I spent a month in Mysore in 2007.) This time we’re accompanied by our yogi friends Steven and Courtney. We’re on day four of a nearly month long trip through this enchanting country. Our destinations include Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Rishikesh and then Goa or Kerala or…I guess we’ll see where the adventure takes us.

Steven is currently living in Mumbai. He’s been here since August 2011, so he’s been showing us the city for the past three days. Each morning we’ve started the day with a yoga practice on the terrace, which has been fabulous. Friday we wandered around the Colaba Causeway. Saturday we took a ferry to Elephanta Island. Yesterday we slowed down a little, again taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the Colaba Causeway and surrounding area.

Pictures of our outings are below. Today we head to Delhi. I hope to write longer posts in the coming days.

For now, Om outta here! (hee! get it?)

View from Steven's Terrace

Horse drawn carriage along the Colaba Causeway

Threshold along Colaba Causeway

Meow from Mumbai

Cricket in the park

Gateway to India

Our group at Elephanta Island. Courtney and Steven are making angry faces to symbolize Shiva the destroyer. Stacy and I apparently didn't get the memo.

Elephanta Island Greeter