Below are a few shots from our beach excursion to Arambol. Relaxing on the beach was the perfect way to  end our trip to India. There had been discussion of going to Kerala or even Sri Lanka for the final leg of our journey, but time didn’t allow us to travel so far south. We decided to land somewhere in the area of Goa, and we ended up in Arambol on the suggestion of a friend.

We found Residensea in a 2003 edition of Lonely Planet that was laying around Steven’s apartment. After reading several favorable reviews of it online and making a quick skype call to Sebastian the owner to inquire about prices and amenities, we decided to stay there.

We were all really happy with our experience as Residensea. It’s clean, comfortable and it has a nice shady commons area where you can order food or just get out of the sun. It’s right on the beach but a comfortable distance from the busier, touristy areas. The family that runs it is friendly and accommodating. They’ll even pick you up from or take you to the airport for less than any of the prepaid taxi services.

Be forewarned, however, our ride with Sebastian to the airport was by far one of the most exciting rides we took. At one point, Courtney even exclaimed, “Sebastian! You’re a crazy driver!” His response, “I know. You have to be.”

The beach side entrance to Residensea and Roxy the dog.

The hut Stacy and I stayed in at Residensea.

Dog and boat


Paragliding looks like a lot of fun!


I spy!

Our final sunset in Arambol.

Sunset acroyoga with Stacy.

Swimming in the Arabian Sea reminded me a little of swimming in the Mediterranean near Valencia, Spain. The water is warm and fairly calm. There were a couple of days when the wind and water were rough, but mostly the Arabian sea was a welcoming hostess. The four of us had a lot of fun swimming and splashing in the water and walking and yoga-ing on the beaches.

Steven had decided that the grand finale of our stay in Arambol would be a Friday night poetry slam. We were each required to write two poems for the throw down. Throughout the week we worked on our poems sporadically. When Friday afternoon rolled around and we only had a few hours left to complete our masterpieces, everyone became a little quieter and more focused. It was like a creative writing workshop for beach bums – sunglasses, bathing suits, sandy feet, notebooks and wagging pens.

That evening we returned to the same restaurant we had eaten at our first night in Arambol when Steven pitched the idea for a poetry night. We took turns reading our poems. Though the poems shared a common travel theme, they were all different; some were epic retellings of our adventures, some were thoughtful analyses of culture, some were odes to friends or forces of nature, some were silly and some were serious. What they shared in common was the unique personal journeys they described.

Below is one of my poems. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed hearing the rhymes and runes of the Spatilloman clan!

Lady Arabian

This morning I awoke next to the Arabian Sea
I let her persistent call softly speak to me
Like the life that she churned from her viscous womb
I set my feet to the floor, my day beginning to bloom

Today I swam like a fish in the Arabian Sea
I let her pulsing water wash over me
Neither did I dominate or submit to her might
But weightless I traveled, flashing fast and light

This evening I floated atop the Arabian Sea
I let her gentle current have its sway on me
While the sun, a burning bindi, descended in the sky
The salty water separated me from myself and I

Tonight I was lulled to sleep by the Arabian Sea
A cool kiss and sweet dreams she whispered to me
Though the cycles are never ending, this day on Earth is done
I let sleep take me over as the sea swallows up the sun