A few years ago, I read the Jerry and Esther Hicks book The Law of Attraction. I’m not going to get into the specifics, mainly because I don’t remember the specifics and also, well, because I’m kind of a skeptic. It’s not that I want to be a skeptic. I don’t. I want to believe “that which is like unto itself is drawn,” and I guess on some level I do believe we are the creators of our own destinies. I just can’t get on board with what the Hicks are peddling. There’s something about it that doesn’t sit well with me.

Still, I must believe in it on some level, because I’m currently reading another book on the Law of Attraction – Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting. (Honestly, my life might be over before I finish reading this book.) I’m not a fan of the writing, but at least the author isn’t attributing her knowledge of the LoA to a “spirit.” She writes about LoA, so far anyway, from personal experience. The basic premise is the same – like with like, get into a place of feeling good and good things will come.

I can get down with that – I know a lot of people who are powerful creators, and I think the secret (ha!) is that they are really focused on what they want, obsessed practically. While I believe in the power of positivity, none of these people are what I would call optimism zealots. They’re just determined and they’re hard workers and when they get an idea in their heads, they don’t stop until they realize their goals. (Interestingly, all of these folks are Capricorns. Now, there’s a pseudo-science I can get on board with!) They’re like laser beams, focusing their attention and energy in a very narrow direction.

I’m more like a sparkler. I shoot out quick bursts of energy and attention in a lot of different directions. I’ve always juggled multiple interests and enjoyed doing so, but I haven’t gotten as far as I’d like with some of my interests and there are still so many things I’d like to try/do!!! So, I’m going to start a bucket list, and I’m going to use the tips from this book I’m reading to focus on a few items and see what I can accomplish.

Granted some of the items will be more long term. Some of them I may try and decide I’m not a fan. Some I may never get to. But, at least they’ll all be in one place, so I can prioritize them, add to them, mark them off, etc. So, here goes, in no particular order:

1. 500 hr. YTT (I’ve got the ball rolling on this! Starting in 2015)
2. Take a creative writing class
3. Take an art class
4. Re-learn spanish
5. And then maybe French?
6. Learn to play an instrument
7. Visit all 7 continents…do people travel to Antarctica? Like regular people, not scientists. Can you go to Tierra del Fuego and then catch a ferry? How does that work?
8. Google Antarctic tourism…
9. Scuba Dive
10. Travel and teach yoga!
11. Homestead
12. More specifically, grow our food!
13. Raise chickens
14. Learn the constellations
15. Take horse back riding lessons
16. Read the great spiritual books…even if it’s just the cliff notes (er, the abridged versions)
17. Learn aromatherapy
18. And Ayurveda
19. And herbalism
20. Basically, become a witch
21. Become a lactation consultant
22. Archery
23. Write for a travel book/magazine
24. Live abroad
25. Write and teach yoga for a living

Ok, well…that already seems like a lifetime of items, so I think I’ll stop for now and try to knock out another chapter of that book.