The baby is napping. With any luck, he’ll nap for at least an hour. With a lot of luck, he’ll nap for a full 90 minutes. There are dishes in the sink and laundry piling up and toys covering my living room floor, but all I want to do is document how great I feel!

I feel so fantastic!

This morning I had a lovely yoga practice with an inspiring, funny and down-to-earth teacher and a room full of wonderful yogis. My boy and I had a tasty lunch with an intelligent, thoughtful, talented yogini who I hadn’t seen in much too long. This week I taught my first private yoga class since JR was born and, even though I was nervous that I would fall miserably short of the mark, it was like riding a bicycle! My whole being remembered how to do it! It was fun and I was able to instruct them in just the manner they needed. It was hugely affirming for me.

This week I’ve been reminded not only of what I love to do but also what I’m good at doing, and it’s exactly the inspiration I’ve needed!